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Earth Day Festival 2024.jpg

Our Earth Day Festival will help raise money for us to purchase a greenhouse for our playground and more garden boxes!

Happy 13th Birthday,
Happy Hearts Preschool!

We are so proud of the thirteen years we have been part of the community. Every year we host an Earth Day Festival in April for our current students, alumni and incoming families. It's a wonderful time!
Earth Day.PNG

In The Garden 

Much of our time at school is spent outside. During this time the children water our plants, pull weeds, collect seeds, and care for our garden.  We also feed the chickens and our worms. Mud pies are made daily! 


Pollinator Garden

Our garden is focusing on planting for pollinators. We are growing flowers, milkweed, dill and other plants that support the bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.


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