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Summer Camp

Happy Hearts Summer Camp

This camp is for children who have grown out of preschool, but still want to come back for some fun! A mix of all the greatest parts of preschool combined with new challenges and experiences for the kids either heading off to elementary school or coming back to play for the summer. The camp is limited to 16 kids with 2 camp counselors, and will be mostly led outside at our school and around the fairgrounds. The campers will get opportunities to play freely- we’re seeing lots of mud pies, chickens, bunnies, painting, garden time, sandbox, building and imagination in their future! They will also have structured activities & projects relating to books the counselor will read aloud.  Campers must be 4 ½ by July 10th and fully independent in the bathroom. The age ranges from kids who are 4 ½  to 7 years old (TK-2nd)

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