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Morning Preschool
Sprouts & Blossoms Classes 8:30-1:00
Ladybugs Classes 9:00-12:30 (they get sleepy a little earlier)
* Socialization Class 9:00-11:00 (great intro to preschool)

Come join us for preschool! Your child is welcomed in the door and to join us for free play time.  We like to begin our morning exploring and interacting.  We do a morning circle time, which includes our theme for the day and many music and movement opportunities.  We do open centers where your child is free to explore different choices like sensory, art, science, dramatic play and more.  We venture outside for more play and exploration.  On our playground you can often find children digging for bugs, playing in the sandbox, running, jumping and climbing. We love to explore.  We eat lunch at 12:00 (provided by the families).  Pick up time for Ladybugs is right after lunch at 12:30. The other children play outside until 1:00 pick up or head in for resting time.

Parents provide a snack, healthy lunch & reusable water bottle.  

Our Programs

"Play is our brains favorite way of learning"

EXTRA Care 8:30-3:30

Does your child need  care a little longer? We're happy to have them at school.  This is a great option for families who have siblings in elementary school or little ones at home.  After our morning preschool (see above) your child will rest quietly on cots in the classroom, while listening to music.  Children are not required to sleep, only to rest quietly (some look at books or do a quiet activity on their cots).  When the children wake up, we head back outside for an afternoon snack and play time.

Extra Programs:
Breakfast Bunch 8:00-8:30 ($6/half hour)
Extra Playtime 3:30-4:30 ($12/hour)




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