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About Us

Happy Hearts Preschool

We opened Happy Hearts Preschool in 2011 in our home in Petaluma.  After five years and a thriving school, we decide to expand and start at a new location in 2016.  We love that we still bring that warm, small community feeling to a center.  After 11 years in business we are still so much enjoying this special place. 


Happy Hearts Preschool is licensed for 61 children.  On a typical day, you'll see 6 teachers on our playground

Happy Hearts Preschool offers two mixed age programs:

  • Ladybugs: ages 2 to 3 years old, do not have to be potty-trained

  • Sprouts ages 3 & 4 years old, potty trained 

  • Blossoms: ages 4 & 5 years old, Pre-K/Kinder Ready


During free play on the playground, all classes will integrate to allow for multiage exposure.


Each day... We paint. We draw. We laugh. We cry. We learn lessons. We say sorry. We grow. We change. We share. We share EVERYTHING. We discover. We ask questions. We wonder. We imagine. We dream. We create. We sleep. We eat. We play. We build. We move. We stop. We dance. We sing. We fall down. We get back up. We hug. We hold hands. We swing. We ride. We explore. We sit. We wash. We dry. We dress up. We dig. We plant. We water. We stack. We praise. We appreciate. We say thank you. We do it all again the next day.


Our Philosophy

Happy Hearts Preschool Program is child-centered, with a play-based philosophy.  We believe children learn through active exploration in an environment that is rich in materials and provides opportunities to converse, socialize, work, play and negotiate with others.  Our classrooms are planned to encourage curiosity, exploration and problem solving.  We believe that purposeful play is the true work of the child.  Through this play we view children as thinkers reflecting about their world.  Learning to make decisions and gain knowledge.  We provide this learning environment for 2 year olds to kindergartners. 


We believe that all children deserve respect, love and attention.  Happy Hearts Preschool believes that children learn best when they are in a safe, positive and stimulating environment; one in which children are allowed to explore and imagine the what-if’s of the world.  We strive to foster age appropriate development through learning opportunities that happen naturally through play and curiosity.  Our job as early childhood educators is to nurture these opportunities. 


During a typical day there are structured and unstructured periods, allowing children to learn at their own rates.  Children are actively involved in experiences, which include foundations of math, science, social studies, creative art, language arts, music, movement and dramatic play.  Happy Hearts Preschool considers all aspects of child’s growth and development- intellectual, social, emotional, physical and creative.  


We have a strong emphasis on the importance of Mother Nature.  We believe that by educating the next generation of their impact on our planet- we can empower them to protect and care for it.  In a world that has become so electronically driven, Happy Hearts believes there is great importance in raising children to care for the earth and have a love of nature and the outdoors.  We celebrate each season and it’s changes to nature throughout the year. 


We believe that socialization at a young age is an important component to children’s development.  By allowing the children to problem solve and giving them the tools to do so in a positive way, we are helping to create strong interpersonal skills.  We believe in the positive discipline method, first designed by Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs.  Designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities.  This method “teaches important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults.” (Jane Nelson)


At Happy Hearts Preschool our goal is to give children the tools they need to venture out and become lifetime learners.


It is our goal that each graduate leaves with:


- Development of a positive self-concept

- Acceptance and expression of both positive and negative feelings

- Positive ways of interacting with both peers and adults

- A high regard for the environment and nature

- Academic readiness for kindergarten

- Growth of creative thinking and problem solving skills

- Age appropriate problem solving skills

- Kindness & respect for all living things


Tour Sign Ups:


Waitlist Sign Ups:


You can also email me directly or text/call me at: 707-774-5110


Interested in Preschool?

To be put on our waitlist, please email Alison Hill at:   

Please include:

Your Child's Name



Preferred Schedule

At this time, our school is open from 8:30-3:30

Please keep in mind, we are closed June 10th to July 9th

Our new school year starts July 10th, 2023!

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